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Almost Weekly…..
October 20, 2013
Almost Weekly…..
October 20, 2013

One of the things I have come to appreciate since being involved in farming is spending time on the main street of Northampton after there has been some decent rainfall. You can literally feel the optimism emanating from the small business owners in town and the smiles on people’s faces as they go about their daily business.

The rain that had been predicted as I was finishing off my last Blog did eventuate and we picked up three inches in a couple of weeks. To say this was timely is somewhat of an understatement as ‘Dry July’ took on a whole new meaning in the Midwest this year with one of the lowest rainfall totals ever recorded for the middle month of winter.

It was while contemplating the amount of rain that we had got in August and all that this meant that I had an idea for my first ‘farm based’l joke.

I could think of no better place to give it a test run than my Blog so please be gentle…

Q. How do you pick the farmer’s wife out of a group of women chatting over lunch?

A. She’s the only one satisfied with getting two and a half inches overnight.

While the lack of rain was obviously always at the back of our minds there was a multitude of other things happening to keep Wifey and Kissa busy not least of all my dearly beloved’s ambitious but brilliant idea to hold an on farm field day complete with guest speaker and dinner for around 35 people….

This event doubled as a relaunch of the farm from a branding perspective and coincided with Wifey launching as well as showcasing some of the rams from the poll merino stud. As you can imagine the workload required to get an event like this off the ground was enormous and there were times when Wifey and I both reached critical mass in terms of how everything was going to get done. What complicated matters on this front was that I had a German Professor of psychiatry arriving in Perth two days before the field day for five meetings in 21 hours with some of my key customers.

On top of that Wifey and her middle sister (who helped with loads of cooking on the field day on top of being a single Mum of two) had their netball GF the day following the Field Day and the day after that there were some sheep in a neighbouring district’s Show with Wifey and I attending a Charity Ball later that evening.

The Field Day was a multicultural affair in that it brought together our Danish au pair, the Irish workman and his Polish girlfriend. It was actually nice to sit back and see them all getting on so well and realise that without our little UN contingent we would not have been able to achieve all we have to this point.

Two very special guests who attended the day were the CEO and Wifey’s mentor from a program called Growzone which was the catalyst for the field day as well as the website and many of the other initiatives currently happening on the farm. If you think this a blatant plug for Growzone you would be absolutely right so if you live in regional WA, have a business of any description and even just the faintest glimmer of an idea to improve it I would reccomend you look these guys up.

Next time I plan to focus a bit more on TNN and how our 19 y.o. Danish au pair is finding family and farm life as well as how not to get rid of a pile of scrap metal from the farm.

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