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October 4, 2013
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January 21, 2014

I have decided that giving previews of what I am going to write in my next Blog is actually causing a bit of “wannabe writer’s block” as I spend more time thinking about how I am going to make particular topics funny instead of just writing. Based on that I am making a concerted effort to make my Blog weekly or at the very least ‘almost weekly’.

I recently worked out that since coming back from parental leave 13 weeks ago I have spent at least two nights per week away from home. This has been hard on everyone not least of all TNN who has found herself busier than a one armed juggler but handled herself exceptionally well in the circumstances.

My constant travelling has not been without some good times with the family joining me down in Dunsborough for a weekend and a reasonably humorous incident at the Geraldton airport when Wifey, ASH and ZCP all came to pick me up.

Wifey had been marking lambs all day and was suitably covered in dust and somewhat sweat stained. I imagine there have been a lot funnier scenes acted out at an airport but Wifey in her farm gear and blundies giving me a hug attired in a business suit with ASH trying to wheel my cabin baggage ranks as my favorite airport experience to date and certainly beats free drinks in ‘Club Tarmac view’ aka The QANTAS Club.

One of the many ironies of farming occurs at this time of year and can be summed up in my version of a line from a children’s nursery rhyme ‘rain, rain go away, come again sometime next May’. The dark clouds that were until recently cause for optimism are now frowned upon with good subsoil moisture being usurped by low levels of moisture in grain samples which now reign supreme as the topic of conversation in the pub . Low enough measurements in this area become the most important measure on the farm, at least until the crop yields starting filtering through paddock by paddock.

I knew it wouldn’t take long for Wifey to come up with some sort of project to replace Growzone however the discovery of two new endeavors was somewhat of a shock. It would appear for a week next February Wifey, TNN, ASH and ZCP will be setting up in the South Australia’s lovely Clare Valley for a Sheep Management course and as this coincides with me being Melbourne for a week I am apparently stopping off to meet them for a weekend before we all head home……

To those without small children this may sound like a fantastic idea however to me this looms as a logistical nightmare rivalling that of D-Day. Not sure why the whole family needs to shift states in search of the ideal wool micron but I am sure the reason will become apparent at some future juncture.

Venturing back onto the basketball court after six years away from the game is Wifey’s second undertaking. Not sure the the notion of ‘easing back into it’ is one my dearly beloved subscribes to as it was straight into the very competitive A Grade Women’s GABA competition for her first game back.

Compounding the fact they lost the game was that Wifey had a ‘donut’ (basketball speak for scoring no points). This left some people wondering whether the comeback was such a good idea apart from Wifey who in the next game top scored for the ‘Occies’ as they beat one of the grand finalists from last season, would appear a week was all that was required to get the rust out.

Speaking of getting rust out we are ‘Farmward Bound’ for the day to get some machinery ready for harvest as well as to enable Wifey to take our highly energetic Irish farmhand through a safety induction for the header, chaser bin etc. I feel a possible joke could be in the offing……

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