Parental Leave, Presidency and P.O.O. – May 2013

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January 21, 2014
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January 21, 2014

My parental leave started on the 1st May 2013, three months ‘off’ work to look
after my 5 month old son and 2 year old daughter while my wife goes back to work
on her family’s wheat and sheep farm.

Typical of most males who view their job and more importantly how successful they are at it as a defining personal characteristic by the 3rd of May I was on a video conference with several colleagues. Having realised I was not indispensable and that the pharmaceutical company I work for was going to be fine without my presence for three months it was time to face the reality of being a stay at home Dad.

Wanting to get the most out of my ‘Mr Mom’ experience shortly after my parental leave had been approved I nominated for and was voted into the vacant President’s position on the committee for the town’s not for profit Childcare Association. Surely being on a committee such as this would pose nothing more stressful than organising the roster for the annual cake stall…….

Unlike my Presidency which initially I was not worried about at all the prospect of using ‘new age’ cloth nappies for both the kids was something that had given me cause for concern. This is a topic that we will explore in much more detail during the course of my ramblings however suffice to say it is my reasonably informed opinion that children achieve their P.O.O. ‘Poo Optimal Output’ a lot more regularly when donning the cloth.

So it is with the backdrop of parental leave , presidency and P.O.O. that my journey as a farmer’s husband begins. My next entry will not only actually mention my wife and the farm but also explore the joys of not for profit organisations, extensive media coverage and the difference between ‘seeding’ and ‘harvest’.

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