Three kids and a sedated horse…

Purple Passion
January 21, 2014
Farmer wants a spray tan…
February 21, 2014
Purple Passion
January 21, 2014
Farmer wants a spray tan…
February 21, 2014

Harvest has come and gone as well as Christmas and for that matter shearing since I posted last. Based on that I am not sure I can really class my ramblings as a ‘Blog’ however due to Wifey’s insistence I will continue writing when I have the chance.

An observation I made while Wifey was ‘going round in circles’ is that in my mind a pretty strong comparison can be made between harvest and an election, now this might sound somewhat odd but bear with me and see what you think.

Firstly there is the idea of trying a different crop in certain paddocks to see if you can get a better result, to me this is like running a new candidate in an electorate. Crop yield comparisons from the last year are reminiscent of the swings towards or against certain political parties and probably most of all both an election and harvest are short time frames of huge importance and stress for all involved in them.

My Dad has always been heavily involved in politics which means I have had a fair bit to do with elections and now having been through half a dozen harvests as a “Farmer’s boyfriend/fiancée/ husband” the last observation I will make about my reasonably ‘out there’ comparison is what occurs in the aftermath of both events.

Unlike shearing which has the much lauded and somewhat infamous ‘Cutout’ there is no such specific event to mark the end of harvest so it was with great pleasure I found myself with the bulk of the family at the ‘Top’ (Wifey’s family’s drinking headquarters) enjoying a meal and a few sherbets shortly after harvest finished. The mood was pretty festive as the harvest had been solid and Christmas was approaching, as I sat there drinking my umpteenth pint the atmosphere reminded me of a post-election party (or as was in this case wake) I once attended with my Father.

Now the outcome for one i.e.Harvest had been positive and the Election result in question had been anything but yet in my mind the similarities remained. To me this is because regardless of the result something had been achieved by both groups of people and a type of journey undertaken for all involved in what is a short period of intense work with high levels of pressure and stress.

It is not often that I can draw parallels between my life before I met Wifey and the one I have now and however longwinded it may have been I feel better for it.

As anyone who has been involved with a harvest can attest to there are some lighter moments that occur, out of several candidates I have selected two ‘Farm Funnies’ from the 2013 Mulga Springs harvest.

There have been many times when Wifey has made me laugh out loud however an incident during harvest probably takes the chocolates.

I was waiting on Wifey to get home from the farm as I was catching a flight late one afternoon and she was bringing down a couple of things I had left there and needed for my trip. Time was getting on a bit so it was with some trepidation I gave her a call, my hesitation was due to the fact that harvest to this point had not been going well. This was owing mainly to a truck driver who kept forgetting to shut his tailgate spilling tonnes of lupins everywhere while also getting bogged and ripping a gate out, on top of that ‘The Big Red Dud’ as our header was nicknamed by the end of harvest was suffering from more breakdowns than Shane Watson while bowling.

Wifey answered the phone and my initial feeling was this call was not destined for a happy ending.

Me: ‘Hi gorgeous, how are you?(that question was a mistake)’

Wifey: ‘Well Ned (Wifey’s ancient horse) has eaten sand and is crook, the header is broken down again so I have sent Bec (our au pair) to pick a part up in the farm ute which has no car seats which means I have the three kids (one of our nieces was with her) and am trying to help the vet out with Ned.’

Me:’Um, okay it’s just that I need to leave for the airport in about an hour and was wondering if you going to get back in time with the the stuff I needed?’

Wifey: 20 sec pause during which time I knew I was in trouble ‘I have three screaming kids and a sedated horse to deal with here so I’d say no it is unlikely you will get your phone charger and electric toothbrush before you leave’

This response led to me experiencing belly chuckles for the first time in ages and oddly Wifey also sounded a little less stressed when my laughing subsided and I could talk to her again.

Ned was okay in the end and while I had to make do with a manually operated tooth cleaner for my trip it was well worth it to have experienced the humour of ‘three screaming kids and a sedated horse’

I will put number two on my ‘Farm Funnies’ in my next post which I have promised Wifey will be very soon.

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