Wifey, the weather and websites – June 2013 Episode 1

Mother’s group and barley soup – June Episode 2
January 21, 2014
Parental Leave, Presidency and P.O.O. – May 2013
January 21, 2014

There is one particular genre of website that offers one particular group of people the world over a chance for fulfilment and relief while at the same time teasing it’s user with the promise of what could of been. I am of course talking about the somewhat fraught relationship farmers have with weather websites and in particular rainfall predictions. The incessant studying of these sites leads to most conversations around this time of  year starting with “Have you checked the radar?” and include phrases like “90% of 30”, “I hope it pulls in some tropical feed” and my personal favourite  “F#&K me, looks like this ones heading just north of us.”

I will fill you all in as to the translations of the above phrases in my next post so between now and then see if you can workout their meaning, by way of a clue “tropical feed” has nothing to do with ordering a Hawaiian pack at your favourite takeaway chicken outlet.

As with most things in my life since meeting Wifey when I would take my parental leave joined the long list of events that was determined by what’s happening on the farm. Any farmers husband worth their salt will tell you that May is when seeding starts ( aka sowing for those of you in the eastern states) and therefore it was only logical that this is when my leave would commence.

To date our wedding day, engagement party as well as the planning of when to have our first child (ASH) has all revolved around fitting in with the ‘farming calendar’. I used to see this as quite an imposition on our lives however ZCP’s birth in the middle of harvest and the fact that the header sat idle for a day in honour of his arrival was an important step for everyone involved.

The kids, myself and Wifey stayed at the farm for two nights this week  and I think it is fair to say that the experiment of parental leave has started in earnest. Each of us in our own way have reacted differently to the new setup, Wifey for instance got a bit emotional leaving the kids one morning as she headed off for a full day on the air seeder. Our son who shall go by the name of ZCP ( I love acronyms) knows something is up but mainly due to the fact that the service at his favourite milk bar is somewhat slower than he is used to. ASH our lovely 2 year old daughter has taken it all in her ever lengthening stride and as long as she has a steady supply of food and the ability to watch Little Einsteins is blissfully happily with the world at large.

Out of the four of us I would say that it is me who has not handled the change as well as I would have hoped. Perhaps it was arrogance on my part (something I am prone to) that made me think the transition to stay at home Dad would be seamless however yesterday only a few days into this experience I already felt like I had reached critical mass.

I would say I am reasonably sensitive and understanding guy but one thing I could never quite grasp was how Wifey could still be in her pyjamas some days when I got home from a day at work. My consternation around this point was well and truly cleared up yesterday as I battled manfully yet somewhat ineffectively to meet the kids needs as well as trying to do a little bit of work for the childcare association I am now President of.

My Presidential experiences of the town’s not for profit childcare association are worthy of their own blog or at the very least a two part mini series and while not wanting to go into too much detail it would be fair to say that the position involves a whole lot more than organising the cake stall roster I mentioned in my first post. In actual fact the centre is on the brink of closure and the committee and I are fighting to keep the doors open amidst financial crisis and dwindling attendance numbers. On the upside this situation has given me the opportunity to become more of a media whore than Paris Hilton with appearances on both the GWN news and local ABC radio however at this point it would appear my Presidency is going to be as short and as unsuccessful as William Henry Harrison’s.

I would like to finish this post with a farming flavour by way of taking you through my ‘Idiots guide to cropping’. Essentially during seeding small pellet shaped objects are spat out the back of excessively expensive and breakdown prone pieces of machinery, these pellet like objects then spend several months growing at which point they are harvested through the front of a different excessively expensive and breakdown prone piece of machinery.

In my humble opinion this is not a bad synopsis for a bloke that use to think the only description relating to the word header was a way to score a goal in a soccer match.

In closing and to put some faces to the names I have included a photo of Wifey, ZCP, ASH and I as well as one of that yellow crop that ends up in margarine sometimes.

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