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March 18, 2014
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April 26, 2014

It has been quite a while since I included my first original farming joke in one of these Blogs and as such thought it was time to field test another of my creations

Q: What do the readers of the Farm Weekly and Playboy magazines have in common?

A: Both readerships insist that they buy it for the articles when in actual fact they spend most of their time just looking at pictures of incredibly expensive and well constructed assets.

As with the first joke I think it is important to give it some context and in this case it is in relation to the fact that Diary of a Farmer’s Husband recently appeared in Ripe magazine which comes out once a month with the Farmer’s Weekly. I admit to being very surprised when the lovely Beth Johnston rang me one morning to say she was keen to do an article on the Blog and find out a little more about the life Wifey and I lead.

Wifey and I were enjoying a child free break in Daylesford, Victoria when Ripe became available and as it is only published in WA I have to admit to checking online to see how my Blog had been portrayed.

Wifey has put the article on the Mulga Springs website if anyone is interested although if you read the blog there will be no great surprises in it for you but moreover a great summary of what it is I am trying to achieve by writing this. I would also encourage anyone keen to know more about country living to read Ripe magazine, some of the articles about what people are achieving in rural WA are truly inspiring.

Just briefly, in relation to Daylesford if you can ever get over there I would highly recommend it. Incredible use of local produce in numerous fantastic restaurants as well as some top notch wineries and far too many alluring shops which led to Wifey’s credit card having a perpetual vapour trial following it. If you can stay at the Lakehouse all the better.

The last month has been even more hectic than usual due in part to the fact that TNN our inaugural au pair finished up and has made the obligatory pilgrimage to the east coast before heading back to Denmark to start her studies at university. I will always remember her saying shortly after arriving one of the reasons she wanted to come to Australia was to improve her English to which my quick witted youngest brother replied ‘you may have come to the wrong country and indeed the wrong part of that country to achieve that I’m afraid’.

Wifey and I have often spoke about how having au pairs might affect ASH and ZCP and agreed there would undoubtedly be pros and cons involved with the undertaking. I have often thought of how quickly we made the decision to employ an au pair and should we have taken more time to think it over and find myself always coming back to the question of what makes someone a good parent?

Regardless of the arguments for and against the fact that both Wifey and I gain a huge amount of enjoyment and indeed satisfaction from our jobs can only make us happier more content people and therefore you would assume also better parents. Wifey’s passion for the farm and what she and her parents are looking to achieve is certainly a huge driving force and motivation which is just as well based on the fact that there is no such thing as a ‘quiet time’ when it comes to farming as far as I can see.

With the sheep yards finished attention turns to getting ready for seeding and all that entails. Watching Wifey and Kissa calculating how much fertiliser will be required is a favourite hobby of mine this time of year and always provides some humorous moments. With this year’s cropping program including GM canola for the first time this saw other considerations come into play when putting the order together and having seen what was going to spent I was again struck how the decisions to spend fairly large amounts of cash are made at the kitchen table over a cup of coffee and a Monte Carlo biscuit.

Some of the feedback I received from people who have read DOAFH (I had to use it’s acronym sooner or later) is that maybe I could make the posts a little shorter and therefore increase their frequency so here is me taking this on board.

In theory this should lead to another post in the next week or so……


View from our room at The Lakehouse, Daylesford



In the shadow of the new sheep yards



ASH ‘helping’ Mum on front end loader

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