Seeding saga Part 2

Seeding saga Part 1
May 30, 2014
Seeding Saga ‘The Sequel’
July 10, 2014

Wifey’s solution focused approach came to the fore yet again when faced with the dual problem of having around 400 hectares of seeding to go and a husband who was feeling a bit neglected.

The somewhat pragmatic approach Wifey took was to propose a ‘tractor date’ which effectively meant I would sit in the tractor with her enabling us to have a decent chat while not interrupting the seeding process. While not overly enthusiastic about perching on a seat that ASH would have struggled to sit on the opportunity to spend some quality time together was too good to pass up from my point of view.

Our date started really well with some discussion around what the next few months would look like for us, the kids and of course TJ. I also heard more about Wifey’s next project in the form of my beloved better half applying for a Nuffield Scholarship which is basically the agricultural equivalent of becoming a Nobel laureate. As this is by far Wifey’s biggest undertaking to date there will no doubt be more updates although suffice to say the work just to get the application in is not insignificant.

It was about 40 mins into our ‘date’ that Wifey realised she had left her phone in the ute and mentioned the fact she was expecting a call in relation to a field day she was organising. As I felt like stretching my legs I offered to walk back and get it when we were next closest to the spot we had left her ute.

I had thought to mention that due to the ever present OBOS phenomenon it was unlikely Wifey would be able to talk to anyone on her phone for longer than about 90 seconds but decided to keep my own counsel on that one. Indeed it got me thinking as to what Kissa did before the advent of mobile phones, I asked him this a short time later to which he replied.

“What do you think we did, we went back to the house and used the phone”, nothing like a direct response….

Having retrieved Wifey’s phone I started what I thought was going to be the short stroll back to the point where I had been dropped off. I was examining the Kevlar-like, bomb proof phone cover that Wifey had recently purchased and I personally think should be compulsory for all farmers as I walked over the small ridge to where I had left my dearly beloved seeding.

Now as a good farmer’s husband I had fully expected to wait until the tractor had made it’s way back to where I was, what I had not expected however was on having reached my destination to be faced with a completely empty if not precisely seeded paddock. Quite naively as it would turn out I assumed that Wifey would have waited for me to get back if she had finished before I returned particularly seeing as I had gone to get her phone!

After what could only be described as a Burke and Wills like trek I eventually found Wifey happily seeding away in what she described as ‘the next paddock along from where we were’ which to my conservative estimate must have been about 2.5kms away. Feeling somewhat exasperated I climbed back into the cab of the tractor where my protests were met with bewilderment and a comment something along the lines of “but I’d finished that paddock why would I wait for you? If it bothered you why didn’t you ring me on my mobile…….”

At the time I didn’t find any of that comment amusing however in hindsight the gag about phoning was pretty humorous.

On reflection this probably wasn’t the best date Wifey and I have had but at least I didn’t have to pay for dinner!

Now I can’t promise this will be the last time I mention this incident as I have decided to embark on a quest to get at least a modicum of sympathy in relation to my somewhat stressful seeding stroll.

While initial attempts have met with no success i.e. TJ rolling her eyes at me and suggesting I needed the exercise, I will persevere.

As I have said in past posts “feedback is a gift” and should be treated as such. Based on this I feel it important I respond to a comment received after my last post which was basically questioning the accuracy of the conversations I recount between Wifey and myself.

Now obviously putting recordings of our phone conversations on the blog is something far beyond my meagre IT skills however I thought what I could do was take a screen shot of one of our ‘textavations’ and include it with the below photos.

The second seeding gallery


Our tractor date

The ‘Long’ paddock or as I now call it the ‘Deserted Husband’ paddock

One of mine and Wifey’s many ‘textavations’ during seeding

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