Seeding Saga ‘The Sequel’

Seeding saga Part 2
June 12, 2014
Fri, 25 Jul 2014
July 24, 2014

As is the case with a lot of farming families the week or so immediately after seeding saw us take a bit of R&R including the obligatory trip 'down South'. For ASH and ZCP it was probably the first time in Perth when they could both enjoy doing things together with an excursion to AQWA at Hillarys marina the highlight although it is fair to say TJ also quite enjoyed herself impersonating a 'Finding Nemo' casting agent while identifying various characters from the Disney classic.

One thing you can count on during a trip to Perth is bumping into another farming family from your district and in our case it was an impromptu meeting of the Northern Stud Merino breeders with Wifey and the President of the association running into each other on the steps outside AQWA. While we caught up on each other's news including how much rain we had got and what the feed situation looked like for our livestock I couldn't help thinking how small the group of friends we see regularly has become.

The reality is that often this a conscious and somewhat necessary decision however I do sometimes find myself pondering in a somewhat wistful manner the days when catching up for dinner with friends went later than 8.30pm and wasn't accompanied by the background noise of Doc Mcstuffin's on the TV.

Overall our time in Perth was very enjoyable, we stayed with my Dad who somewhat bravely volunteered to look after ZASH (my combination nickname for the kids) while we took TJ out for a well deserved thank you lunch for her role as seeding super nanny.

The time away was a much needed rest for all of us as throughout seeding work had been fairly hectic for me as well. Seven flights in an eleven day period not only resulted in a much increased workload but also found myself somewhat regretfully hurtling back towards being a Gold Frequent Flyer. It was October last year in my blog that I commented in a positive light that I had lost this status and it was good while it lasted however with new opportunities presenting themselves at work the flip side is Club Tarmac View will again become my home away from home.

The post seeding supper which is slowly becoming a family tradition was a somewhat lively affair this year with KK and his family joining in the festivities. Still feeling somewhat wronged by my trek to find Wifey that I mentioned in my last post I sought sympathy from those in attendance at dinner only to be faced with the below commentary on the incident.

Kissa- "I did see you walking across the Long paddock and wondered what you were doing but I could of told you she wouldn't wait for you!"

It did occur to me to mention that if he had seen my aimless meanderings he could have picked me up but on balance I thought it best to leave it.

It was at the next child care committee meeting that I finally gave up my quest for sympathy as having explained what had happened I was told a story by one of the committee members about her husband during harvest. Instead of stopping the header to relieve himself the farmer in question simply waited till a flat stretch reduced speed, engaged auto steer and took care of business.

Faced with this insurmountable body of evidence as to the fact I was probably being a bit of a Princess about the whole incident you could say I have finally put it out to pasture.

It would be fair to say that while growing up clothing design was not an area I ever thought I'd venture into although having said that I also never thought I'd spend a lot of my free time chasing sheep around a paddock so I guess nothing should really surprise me anymore. My foray into the fashion world resulted from a couple of humorous if not somewhat confronting incidents involving TJ and outings with the kids.

The first occurred when a young checkout attendant managed to insult both Wifey and TJ in the same sentence while they were shopping at the local IGA with the kids. I wasn't present but apparently it went something like this:

Checkout attendant to TJ – "You are a nice daughter to come and help your Mum with the shopping although I didn't realise it was school holidays at the moment"

Wifey to checkout attendant- "This is actually our au pair who is 20 years old and no I don't need a receipt"

In the girl's defence she was at least right about the fact it wasn't school holidays…..

It was only a few days after the 'IGA Incident' that I was also faced with a situation where TJ's role in the family was misinterpreted by complete strangers. With Wifey busy on the farm ZASH, TJ and I went on a bit of an outing in and around town which included getting the kids haircuts, a visit to the park and grabbing some lunch.

As we walked down the main street I noticed I was receiving death stares from two middle aged women reminiscent of a couple of super skinny models vying for the last cupcake at a fashion week after-party. As is usually the case in a small country town ten minutes later we found ourselves walking past the same two ladies and despite my best attempt at a charming smile I was met with looks that could have melted a polar icecap.

After giving it a bit of thought and having a quick chat to TJ (who had also noticed the nasty looks) it became quite obvious they had thought we were together and that ZCP and ASH were our kids!

This coupled with Wifey's experience led to me making the decision to launch my ITAP clothing line to extinguish the chance of any confusion during future family outings when either Wifey or I are not in attendance.

I have included a shot of TJ modelling one of the more popular items in this edition's photos.


Stingray search at AQWA


Group hug which seems to be thrilling both ASH and ZCP….


What my Dad really does with ZASH while babysitting them.


Lunch at ‘C’ restaurant in Perth with TJ and the biggest Long Island iced tea we could find!


Wifey’s choice of dessert from a great sweets menu at ‘C’


My choice of dessert from the great scotch menu at ‘C’


The post seeding supper


My foray into fashion design with the limited edition ITAP T-shirt.

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