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August 19, 2014
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September 9, 2014

In usual circumstances I would feel comfortable in saying that my posts are reasonably well polished, I would normally spend quite a lot of time making sure that before I upload them to the website I am more than happy with how they read, what the theme of them is and that they are at least a little humorous.

Not so with this one, it will probably be the most raw offering I have put forward since DOAFH started and while I may regret not taking any time to spruce it up at the very least it will be a real representation of how I was feeling at this particular moment in time. As I type it feels more like a journal entry similar to the the ones I have been keeping since I was 17 and that have been horrendously neglected since starting to do this blog.

The Qantas flight I am on from Sydney to Perth is running an hour behind schedule but as the company has just posted a $2.8bn loss I guess this is not a problem they would be too concerned about. On the other hand for me this is a bit of a problem due to the fact I now won't get home tonight and as it stands in the last two and a half weeks I have spent only three nights in the same place as Jess and one of those was the Nuffield dinner in Melbourne on the day of the final interview. Seems a bit extreme that we had to both be on the east coast to get the opportunity to spend some time alone but that is the way of things currently.

The 21 hours we spent together during what could be the final stage of Wifey's Nuffield journey were probably some of the most challenging and stressful we have had since we were married. On paper it sounds great, possibly even a bit glamorous with me flying into Melbourne while working in Sydney and meeting Jess's flight from Perth before being picked up by the driver I use when in Melbourne and having a comfortable trip to a nice hotel just off Collins St.

There was always the fact that Wifey had the interview to do but that would have to be a walk in the park compared to the initial one in Perth wouldn't it…. and besides we had an evening at the prestigious Melbourne Club to look forward to in the company of likeminded and in some cases brilliant people.

The reality was that we were both sick when we got on our respective flights with Wifey suffering from a nasty head cold and sinusitis which made flying almost unbearable and hearing properly during the interview extremely difficult. While the Melbourne Club was magnificent and the food and company also first class neither of us could get as much out of the experience as we normally would owing to the fact we couldn't taste the food, Jess was in need of one of those old fashioned ear horns to hear anything anyone was saying and we were both so drugged up on Codral that at one point I thought a portrait from the Melbourne's Club amazing collection had asked me what the vintage was of the red I was drinking.

Now there might be some of you out there who are saying 'toughen up princess' or 'go rub some dirt on it' and if I were complaining about this chain of events I would say go your hardest however as we collapsed into bed that night it was an odd sense of achievement not frustration that enveloped us both. Not achievement in terms of Wifey acing the interview (as she hadn't) or that we had been such a charming and witty couple at dinner (which we definitely hadn't) but moreover that in very stressful and trying circumstances we had not got grumpy, annoyed or had a petty argument when something minor went wrong.

As we sat together in Club Tarmac View waiting to catch our respective Sydney and Perth flights I felt the proudest of Wifey I ever have (other than when having ZASH) not because she had won a Nuffield (we still don't know) but because of how she had handled herself during what was probably one of the most challenging days of her life.

It is now the day after I started writing this post and the Virgin flight I am now on is also running late, it feels like I have been away for weeks although it has actually only been 6 days.

No nice photos with this blog, it's too raw for that.

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