January 14th, 2017

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November 3, 2016
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February 28, 2017

Flying Virgin for the very last time

If there are any Madonna fans reading this please sing the title of this blog to the tune of “Like a virgin” and you will get the gist of what I am trying to convey.
The need for this somewhat esoteric start to my latest installment of DOAFH came about after a 5 hour delay while trying to get back to Gero on one of my last flights for 2016.
Delays are part and parcel of spending too much time in the air however having said that after a horror run of delays with Qantas in the early noughties (one of which Interestingly came about due to the ash cloud from a Chilean volcano called Puyehue-Cordón Caulle) I have been remarkably fortunate on this front in recent times.
Needless to say that run of good luck came to a screeching halt in the form of a three hour delay leaving the terminal and then just as we commenced our descent into Gero being told by a very apologetic pilot that we would be returning to Perth due to a minor technical issue.
This piece of news was the proverbial last straw for one passenger who threw a tantrum the likes of which Nick Kygrios would struggle to emulate. This somewhat inebriated and rather crass chap finished his tirade when we landed in Perth by saying he would and I quote “….rather blow this plane up than get back on a Virgin flight again”. I have to admit that while not thinking this bloke was likely to qualify for Menser I didn’t think he was stupid enough to say something like that while still on an airplane post 9/11 however this muppet proved me wrong and as was entirely appropriate in my opinion had some rather stern looking officers from the AFP waiting to have a little chat with him when he disembarked.
As my ripped off Madonna title indicates it is highly unlikely I will fly Virgin again however I did want to highly commend the crew for the way they dealt with the situation in particular the cabin supervisor who had to deal with the aforementioned muppet of a customer.
On returning to Gero the next event on our agenda was and incredibly enjoyable one in the form of the Midwest Charity Begins at Home Ball. Wifey true to form changed her mind as to what she was going to wear an hour or so before we left however still managed to rock a red dress that her Mum had brought her almost 15 years ago.
One of the highlights of the night (and there were many)was an impromptu meeting with one of the delightful PMH nurses that had looked after ASH earlier this year. Nicole is a Geraldton girl who chose to get some experience at Princess Margaret Hospital before settling down in the Midwest with it being fair to say it will be a huge bonus for Geraldton to have a nurse with that level of pediatric experience working at the regional hospital.
The ball itself was a huge success with close to $100k being raised for individuals and families facing the combined challenges of chronic illness and financial hardship.
The committee which runs this charity (including my superwoman sister-in-law) provide the type of support and comfort that is quite literally life changing with the organization being something that everyone who lives in the Midwest should be proud of.
Well after a quick 18 hour trip to Adelaide it will be straight from the tarmac to the tractor for this farmer’s husband as I pull on the blundies for a few days driving the chaser bin for harvest. I have no doubt you are all wondering what mis-adventures I will get up to and I will be happy to update you in my next blog which hopefully won’t be too far away.

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