To seed or not to seed, that is the question?

Mulga Springs and the media
May 15, 2017
Tell me why I don’t like Tuesdays…
May 30, 2017
With a little more time on my hands than expected I thought a bit of research into the title of this blog might be in order with the results providing me with somewhat of a surprise as I discovered a piece related to computing of all things sharing exactly the same name. Also entitled “To seed or not seed” the article in question specifically covered off peer-to-peer file sharing or seeding as it is known which is the uploading of already downloaded content for others to download from…. who knew?
While undoubtedly fascinating this high tech take on my title was a tad disappointing as I had been hoping “to seed or not to seed” might have been attributed to a 73 year old Charlie Chaplin as he discussed with his fourth Wife Oona whether they should go for child number 11 or not.
Having written all that due to Mulga Springs getting an inch of rain over the weekend the title of this blog is now in fact a bit of a moot point as seeding is now well underway. Interestingly enough however it was only the matter of a week ago that there was a discussion as to how scaled back the seeding program might be this year and one very,very brief chat regarding if there would be one at all.
Wifey told me that only once in Kissa’s lifetime (a reasonable period of time it is fair to say) was a crop not put in at Mulga Springs and it has to be said the picture painted of the 2006/07 season was not a pretty one even though the decision itself was the right one with quite literally no rainfall at all that year.
The resources behind putting a crop in are huge from both a manpower (and of course sometimes womanpower) and financial perspective with farmers all over the country taking a high stakes gamble every year. That is not to say everything is based on luck and in that sense a farmer embarking on their seeding program is more like a highly skilled blackjack player who may count the cards now and again opposed to some muppet with a handful of $20 chips on the roulette wheel.
One thing I very quickly learnt having spent some time on the farm was that it doesn’t matter how experienced you are as a farmer, how well prepared you are or even how good the advice is you are getting from your agronomist or farm consultant-because basically if it doesn’t rain you are stuffed.
If you get a chance go to and search for Noog and Carlie Rowe’s video story about their farming experience near Mullewa (around 80 kms east of Gero). While they are obviously a bit concerned in relation to this season their optimism and ability to look on the lighter side of farming are traits indicative of what it takes to succeed in what is a very tough and sometimes soul destroying industry.
I was once told by a highly successful MD within the pharmaceutical industry that three is trend so bearing in mind this is my third blog in three weeks I will be striving to continue this trend next week when my “au parenting” experience and first DOAFH radio interview will take centre stage.

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