Tell me why I don’t like Tuesdays…

To seed or not to seed, that is the question?
May 24, 2017
Seeding sojourn ’17
June 8, 2017
To seed or not to seed, that is the question?
May 24, 2017
Seeding sojourn ’17
June 8, 2017

Wifey's first day in the tractor this seeding campaign




Tell me why I don’t like Tuesday’s

It would appear that Tuesdays are going to prove the most problematic day in my au parenting schedule with both ASH’s Yippee Yoga and ZCP’s tennis starting at 3.30pm which when you factor in the 3pm school finish makes for a reasonably tight timeline. Throw into that mix the obligatory outfit change for each child coupled with the fact I am back on my L plates when it comes to deploying the baby bjorn for AGie and it is more than likely that I will be the one in need of a yoga session by 4.30pm every Tuesday.

Despite my initial concerns ZANALIE survived our first torrid Tuesday although unfortunately the same can’t be said for AGie’s koala themed head support which ended up being left on the roof of the car as I tried to diffuse a quickly escalating incident between ASH and ZCP while at the same time trying to put AGie into her car seat. While my hope is he will be retrieved next week I have prepared the children (and myself for that matter) that he has more than likely become extremely fluffy roadkill and indeed the first roadkill of any kind for quite some time on that particular part of Chapman Road.

School lunches are also proving to be challenging with Wifey setting the bar so high in this particular parenting element that the culinary equivalent of Steve Hooker would struggle to compete with her.

ASH: “Are you making our school lunches now Daddy?”
Me: “Yes Pumpkin, you are having a chicken and cheese wrap with some fruit and a muesli bar today.”
ASH: “Is there no zucchini slice that Mum makes?”
Me: “No sweetie.”
ASH: “How about some of Mummy’s banana bread?”
Me: “Sorry Princess there isn’t but I can take the muesli bar out of the wrapper if you like?”
ASH: “It’s ok Daddy, thanks”

While likely unintentionally ZCP came to my rescue shortly after this exchange by asking if I could get him some more Cheerios which at least give me reassurance I would adequately feed one of my children that particular day.

Sticking with the food theme for a moment another weakness (that is area of development for anyone reading this who might work in HR) of mine I have discovered relates to spatial awareness and my complete inability to predict what sized container I will need for various foodstuffs. The recent Water’melon’gate scandal was a stark reminder as to how much work I need to do in this area with one of the photos in the gallery below outlining the extent of my problem.

The last Daddy au pair faux pas I will share from the first couple of weeks on parental leave relates to that highly contentious issue of how long is long enough to keep the innumerable craft items your children bring home from school?

With ZASH at school and AGie enjoying the kind of nap a hibernating bear would struggle to emulate I found time to not only rearrange some of the children’s clothes but also to sort through ASH’s box of Kindy craft.

With ASH now in Year 1 I made the executive decision that she was unlikely to miss some animals made out of coloured pop sticks and various paintings of the Kindy impressionist variety. While this course of action may sound quite harsh anyone who has school age children will appreciate where I am coming from and in my defence I take photos of everything before disposing of it.

I was still pretty happy with myself at having created some extra storage space (a somewhat odd hobby of mine) when I was confronted with ASH sporting such a crestfallen look that I knew I was in serious trouble. It turned out that while helping her Mum by taking some rubbish out ASH came across her discarded creations in the “big bin” which resulted in yours truly being severely berated by my normally placid 6 year old daughter.

Based on the fact it was on at 7am I am not sure how many of you had the chance to listen to DOAFH’s radio debut and unfortunately there is no link I can share but all in all it seemed to go well with the highlight being the very confused look on ZCP’s face as he listened to me in the radio while I was sitting next to him at the breakfast table.

Will be back to an update on seeding next week including a brief overview of the mysterious art of ‘Deep Ripping’ as well as my ongoing experiences as a seeding widower.

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