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July 14, 2017
Coming a cropper….
October 5, 2017

There is a small business within the light industrial area of Gero called Statewide Bearings that will always hold a special place in my heart. While I must confess that I am still not entirely sure what part I picked up there I can still vividly remember the first ever errand I ran in relation to Mulga Springs and the fact that whatever it was I picked up I was taking back two days later as it ended up not being needed.

Over the years I feel confident in saying I have come to know that light industrial area as well as a London cabbie knows the back streets of Brixton which as it turned out was just as well based on the recent parts pentathlon Kissa sent me on.

So great was this challenge I actually made additional notes on the list Kissa gave me which was made all the more difficult owing to the fact the only writing implement I could find in the back of the car was one of ZCP’s crayons. It was a rather too warm afternoon in late May when I attempted to collect 35
parts from 5 different locations in under 45 mins so as to enable me to make ASH’s school pickup.

To anyone sitting outside the farming industry the recent summer like weather we have had in the Midwest is likely looked on as a blessing. In stark contrast for anyone involved in agriculture the blue skies and blazing sun has been a curse the likes of which a Pirates of the Caribbean movie would struggle to emulate. While warm weather in June is an example of farmers and Fuggles (non-farming folk) disagreeing on what might be the best outcome in day to to life getting flat tyres certainly is not.

This was a fact recently brought to my attention during a somewhat deflating two days where I was involved in no less than four incidences of flat tires. First off the rank was a rather aggressive puncture I suffered taking the kids to school followed in quick succession by two of the farm tractors and then the pram we use at Mulga Springs all suffering blowouts of varying magnitudes.

Having dealt with the flats on my own car and the farm pram with consummate ease I found my somewhat meagre practical skills pushed to their limit as Kissa and I attempted to change out (a much used TFT – Technical Farming Term) the buggered (another much used TFT) tractor tyre.

Having removed the tyre using the front end loader, the very aptly named rattle gun and a 15m metal chain that could restrain King Kong it was off to nearby Chapman Valley to get it repaired.

Being someone who works in a reasonably competitive industry one thing about farmer’s that initially surprised me was how willing they are to help each other out in times of need and in ways that may end up being detrimental to their own business.
Take our recent tyre saga which saw Kissa ring a neighbouring farmer who he thought might have a spare we could use.

As it turned out he did, so on the basis of a 2 min phone call it was then simply a matter of heading over to this place picking up the tyre (worth around $5k) regardless of the fact that if our aforementioned neighbour experienced any tractor tyre trouble in the near future he would be in a bit of bother himself.

I am finishing this blog two months after I started it which is the clearest indication of all that my inability to have more than two things on the go while working is only surpassed by my inability to support a footy team that will make the eight this year.


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