We have just received results from our first Flock Profile Test, which we took from our 2019 drop ewes. We selected both our stud and flock ewes, thus gaining a true representation of our flock.

A Flock Profile estimates the genetic merit of a Merino drop. The Flock Profile Test delivers average genomic breeding values for key Merino production traits, which have been scaled to Australian Sheep Breeding Value (ASBV) level. This allows Merino breeders to track the genetic progress of their flock and compare with the MERINOSELECT database, resulting in better ram buying decisions.

The highlight was that the 2019 drop rank in the top 5% for Dual Purpose Index, and come in at 15 points higher than the industry average. 

We are also in the top 5% for Yearling weight and Post Weaning weight, as well as the top 10% for Yearling CFW.


Results developed by Sheep CRC with Sheep Genetics