Our Sheep


Mulga Springs Poll was established using Pollville sires. Since then the stud has used Haseley and is now using Newpowie sires, and has done for the past 5 years with great results. We use the Nepowie and our own sires for the stud and commercial flocks.

We mate 500 stud ewes annually as well as 1,200 commercial ewes. We also cross 500 6 year old ewes to Dorset sires annually with the lambs ready to be sold at 5 months of age.

Sheep Available

Every September we have available:

  • 400-450 ewe hogget breeders culled from the stud flock weighing 50kg and cutting 4.5kg wool shorn at 9 months
  • 85 June 2015 drop rams
  • Rams are available at the Northern Stud Breeders Ram Sale on the 14th September, others by private selection. Wool and meat test results are also available for perusal on request.

Inspections by appointment are welcome!

What’s new?

As well as the usual wool testing, we have been eye muscle scanning our rams from 2013. We believe that our sheep are excellent dual use merinos due to their size, constitution and wool cut.

Since completing Lifetime Ewe Management we have started multiple pregnancy testing to see what the potential of our ewes are. Since moving shearing to 2 weeks before joining we have created a much tighter joining period for the ewes and this translated into 145% potential lambing with 3.8% drys.



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