Peter McLaggan, Eungai Merino Stud, Miling WA

“He is a bloody beauty” is how Peter has described the top selling ram he bought from Mulga Springs at the 2013 Merino sale. He bought him as he wanted some body size to add to the right staple length and style and this ram also had excellent figures. Weighing nearly 100kg when sold he is now nearly 120kg after being fed with the rest of Peter’s stud rams in his shed and we are all looking forward to seeing how his progeny turn out.

Dave Fry, Shearing Contractor, Chapman Valley WA

Dave is a local wool classer who has seen his fair share of fleeces. “I have been classing the Mulga Springs wool clip for the past 15 years. The improvement in wool cut, quality and length is unbelievable. It is so good I have started to buy the rams to improve my own sheep flock.”

Brian Ayers, Lamb Producer, Northampton WA

Brian runs a cross-bred lamb enterprise and has bought Mulga Springs hoggets for the past 3 years to cross with Poll Dorset sires. “They are big, plain-bodied, easy care sheep that are highly fertile and are just good doers” he says. Before buying from Mulga Springs he used to average between 80-90% lambing but he has averaged 103% lambing since, with his most recent drop averaging out at 139% with being paddock grazed and fed lupins at mating. He is very happy to keep them till they are 5.5 years old depending upon the feed situation year to year.

Terry Stokes, Sheep and Wool Classer, Geraldton WA

Terry has classed Chris’s sheep for the past ten years and seen his micron drop from 23 to 21 in that time. “The length of staple on the Mulga Springs sheep is outstanding, as is their body size. We are able to concentrate on improving our flock in quick time as we cull 50% of the young ewes every year, allowing us to keep only what is really needed”. He says another strength is how fertile they are with a long term lambing average of 110%