Mulga Springs and the media

Babies, Becks and back to where it all began…
May 8, 2017
To seed or not to seed, that is the question?
May 24, 2017
Wifey’s latest media appearance came via The Invisible Farmer project which is the largest ever study of Australian women on the land and led to Natasha Harradine from the ABC writing an article which can be found here.
While the reasonable popularity of this article was embarrassing enough for Jess it was the video story that accompanied the print article (which can be seen on ABC Mid West and Wheatbelt’s Facebook page) that sent my normally implacable Wife into a flat spin as the video racked up over 60,000 views in a matter of a few days.
In spite of or perhaps because of DOAFH being mentioned in the article Natasha approached me to have a monthly chat on the radio about what was happening on Mulga Springs from the POV of DOAFH and not in any way sharing my Wife’s humble nature I quickly accepted her somewhat unique and exciting offer.
For those of you reading this who are able to tune into the ABC Mid West and Wheatbelt breakfast show my initial conversation with Natasha will be on tomorrow (17th May) around 6.30am when DOAFH will officially hit the airwaves for the very first time.
For those of you reading this thinking it is a somewhat self absorbed and completely self promoting post you are undoubtedly correct however if you have been following DOAFH for any length of time this should not come as a complete surprise.
What is a complete surprise is that a blog I started writing four years ago as a way to document 3 months of parental leave has got to a point where more than 10 people (my initial readership goal) read it and that a very well credentialed journo thinks possibly more than 10 people might be interested to learn more about DOAFH.

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